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Richard Touil news RealEstate

We Build The Future

Richard Touil news RealEstate

The “Richard Touil news RealEstate” company, Brings you the most attractive complexes and lands.

We at Richard Touil news RealEstate Group (Richard Touil news RealEstate Entrepreneurship Group for Israel) have located the most attractive opportunity for you for a one-time and correct investment.

You will find a variety of privately owned investment lands, with a taboo, in settlement proceedings (currently agricultural), building permits and more.

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Park Tzameret - Richard Touil news RealEstate

The prestigious residential neighborhood Park Tzameret presents a double-digit number of skyscrapers that contain approximately 1,500 housing units. Construction of the neighborhood began in 2005 when the person who supervised the construction planning was a well-known architect named Avner Yashar. The general area of the neighborhood is about 130 dunams, most of which is designated for green areas and extensions. Homeland is a real estate company that deals mainly in luxury apartments and has been in the real estate market for many years. – Richard Touil news RealEstate


Marina Bay Hertzeliya - Richard Touil news RealEstate

Herzliya Marina is the largest, most innovative and unique of the marinas in the Mediterranean basin and contains about 800 moorings for vessels of various sizes up to 40 meters in length. The marina is managed by the municipal tourism development company in Herzliya.

During the year, national and international sailing competitions are held there, and the director of the marina hosts a large number of international flotillas during the year.

The marina is an attraction for tens of thousands of visitors from Israel and around the world throughout the year. – Richard Touil news RealEstate

Arsof - Richard Touil news RealEstate

Arsuf is a neighborhood of villas in the Sharon, located southwest of Kibbutz Shefayim, about 20 km from Tel Aviv and about 7 km from Herzliya.

The settlement is named after the ancient Arsuf, which is identified as Tel Arshaf. In the 1930s, the lands of the place were purchased by Jews who wanted to establish a settlement there.

At the beginning of the settlement’s, in the early 1970s, several villas were built on the site. In the early 1990s, construction was resumed and various properties in the settlement began to be offered for sale – including villas, luxury homes and even plots.

The proximity of the settlement to the sea has made it one of the most prestigious settlements in the country in recent years. The plots that are on the first line to the sea are especially in demand. – Richard Touil news RealEstate טל ציקורל.



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Land reserves bring the good news for 2020 as yielding high investment returns. One of the growing investment trends among Israeli investors in the last five years is in land reserves and less in “off-the-shelf” real estate products. read more…

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