All the reasons to purchase investment land in Rishon Lezion

You may have heard about investing in a land reserve in 2020, here is everything that is important to know before you start! Exclusive coverage of the company with one of the land reserves that yields a high return on investment by 2020. Richard Touil news RealEstate Entrepreneurship Israel Group specializes in selling investment land for 15 years.

We in the “Digital Israel” system contacted them and asked all the important questions to ask!

Why invest in land at all and not in finished real estate?
A representative of the Richard Touil news RealEstate group claims that the issue of housing prices in Israel is sky-high, young couples are finding it difficult to save equity, that guarantees and other bureaucratic complications imposed by the banks are required.

Beyond that, the housing market does not keep pace with the high demand in the face of low supply, especially when it comes to the center of the country. Therefore, one of the solutions that the state assigns to the issue of the housing problem is thawing land that has been designated for other needs and changing their designation in favor of residential areas.
“Land use change is common mainly in the center of the country because of demand, which makes the issue of investment attractive and feasible. This is basically what makes it possible to purchase land that will also yield a high return in a short time.”

Which investment company should you choose?
“We recommend thinking about investing seriously. And as with anything, go to the big companies in the market. Those who have been working in the real estate market for many years.”

How does a person who does not know the field make the right choice and does not invest “in a cat in a sack”?
“Most companies provide full advice and guidance by leading real estate attorneys. In addition, they work in cooperation and banking support that gives their customers financing options. This means that in order to invest in land, there is a relatively low entry threshold of about NIS 50,000, a much more realistic amount than initial capital for an apartment in the center, which amounts to NIS 600,000-800,000. ”

Your land for investment “Compound 159” is located in Rishon LeZion, what makes Rishon LeZion so attractive for investment?
“It’s very simple, the land reserve that can be invested today in Rishon LeZion is the southern land and one of the last in the most sought-after area in Gush Dan. The land is included in the master plan outline 2030 and in the plan 3/21. According to these plans, approximately 40,000 housing units and another approximately 2-3 million square meters of employment and trade are expected to be built there.

We are currently witnessing an unusual growth rate in the last 10 years in its urban development. And the forecast says that by 2030 (this is a total of a decade) the city’s population is expected to grow by about 100,000 residents, making it the third largest city in Israel.
Also, the land reserve is close to Highway 431 which will provide freedom of movement and convenient access to urban roads in and out of the city. The area is close to a hospital and has high transportation accessibility. ”

Why invest now?
“Good land is snatched up quickly, land value is expected to rise in a few years because of all the geographical reasons I have already mentioned. Therefore, it is worth investing now to enjoy decent returns that can be a start of equity. We are witnessing a consistent increase in real estate demand. Invest in land at reasonable prices. “