Checking a house – what are you checking?

If you are about to purchase a property, get a property that you purchased from a contractor or want to evaluate a property that you have, a home inspection is the most important and effective inspection you can perform.

A home inspection allows you to be sure that the property in question meets all the requirements for quality and safety and you will get from it exactly what you expect, without hidden problems like a pipe explosion under the floors or moisture that has not yet been visible.

When to perform a home inspection?

  • Before getting an apartment from a contractor – construction defects can also be in new apartments from a contractor, and you will not believe how much. As private individuals it is difficult for us to understand all the requirements and regulations so a home inspector will examine the construction in depth and confirm to you whether to accept the apartment or require repairs.
  • Before buying a second-hand apartment – If you are about to buy a second-hand house and want to be sure that the house is in good condition and there are no hidden faults, a home inspection is the answer. This test can also help you a lot in negotiating the house, as there are faults that can significantly lower the value of the house and can get you a cheaper price on the house, while repairing them will not be so expensive.
  • During the construction of a house / renovations – If you are building a new house, or carrying out a massive renovation of your house, be sure to order a house inspection during the works to make sure that the work meets your expectations and the contractor does it exactly as required.

What does a home inspection include?

Examination of a hospital examination for a large number of sub-examinations, while dividing each system and system in the home. The most popular and important tests are:

Checking suitability for plans and home specifications

The test is performed in accordance with the technical specifications of the apartment and includes accurate measurements and tests to make sure that you receive exactly what you signed, at the end of the test you received an accurate report of abnormalities if any.

Aluminum grooves comply with Israeli standard 1068, 4068, 1099, 1142

The inspection includes windows, doors, railings and more

Pipe and moisture test – test with a protimeter device

As part of this test, the piping in the house is examined in depth and an examination is also performed inside the walls using a thermal camera and systems that allow the piping to be seen inside the wall.

This way you can diagnose the type of piping, its condition and integrity, whether there is a leak or there is a hidden moisture and more. If a leak or moisture is detected, the home inspection company can also tell where it comes from, so if it is a house in a shared building, for example, it is possible that the source of the problem is the neighbors’ plumbing and therefore the repair applies to them.

Sealing test – compliance with Israeli standard 752

A test that allows you to understand the quality of the sealing work performed at home, inside and out, so you will not have to wait for the hard and wet winter days to find out if the sealing in your home is of sufficient quality or not.

Gas and radiation testing

With the advancement of modern technology, the effects of radiation become much more powerful and substantial. Therefore, a home inspection company includes among its tests also a test that examines the levels of radiation in and around the house and also the presence of radon gas (in ground houses or in houses with an underground security room).

Beyond these tests you can also find tests of the electrical system, acoustics and more.