Business Information Security

Cyber ​​attacks – hacks to the corporate computing network coming from the Internet – have become very common in recent years and are now targeted at any business connected to the Internet no matter what its size. Breaking into the corporate computer network by a stranger is like entering a thief into the private apartment of each of us, without Hub Security knowing that he is roaming our house.


Such a thief, can take anything that is in our house without us feeling at all but only after the fact. He can also replace our front door lock so we can not enter the house. Such a thief who walks around our house and does what he wants is an accurate analogy to a cyber hack into an corporate network.

In a cyber hack into the corporate network, a stranger enters the sanctuary of the organization, completely exposed to all the organizational information. He can review it, copy it, expose it to the public, sell it, delete it, change it and everything without us knowing but only after the fact.

In order to prevent such intrusions, every organization must protect itself accordingly through business information security solutions. Organizational protection against cyber attacks is a combination of several measures that together can provide a good solution to this phenomenon:

Peripheral protection

Every organization must protect itself with business information security products and peripheral protection that will make it harder for outside burglary, in all sorts of ways similar to the bars on the windows in the house for example or a key with a code for the front door. Comprehensive protection products in the world of information security are, for example, Fire Wall, authentication and strong identification products, WAF, Antivirus, CDR, Endpoint security (you can read about all these product categories on the Infogard website)



Every organization should incorporate alert products for hacking attempts into its network, similar to an alarm or spotlight sensitive to movement around the home. Alert products in the world of information security belong to the category of Siem Soc.

Information encryption

In order to specifically store the most sensitive and important organizational information for any organization, which is located somewhere in files, documents, excel sheets in folders scattered throughout its computer network, it is best to encrypt it and securely store the encryption keys. Encrypted information is worthless to anyone who does not have the encryption keys. InfoGuard specializes in encrypting sensitive information wherever it is located and securely encrypting the encryption keys.

Penetration tests

In order to ensure that the information security system for businesses and the corporate cyber protection does indeed provide protection against cyber hackers, the organization must check itself and its protection system. The best way to do this is to invite burglars to try to break into it in all sorts of ways. These breaches that are done in coordination with the organization’s managers are called penetration tests (PT).


A combination of all these measures can provide very good protection for any organization over its information assets.

Advice from a professional company


An experienced and professional cyber security company should provide the appropriate solution and solutions for each organization so that it can operate securely enough in a cyber world of cyber attacks.

Do not skimp on cyber protection and information security for businesses, today’s savings can cost you dearly tomorrow.

Successful information security for businesses

In a country where there are so many small businesses that open every year, and most of them operate in the fields of computing, high-tech and advanced technologies, it is almost impossible not to refer to advanced cyber protection systems. This is one of our most powerful capabilities, the people of the Israeli economy, and it significantly improves the way in which Israeli organizations store the information that is most important to them, with the help of information security services for businesses. When we have the opportunity to hold all the cards close to our chests, there is no need to be surprised at how Israeli startups manage to sell all over the world and make amazing headlines. Business information security services are an integral part of the success of any business and therefore constitute a major area of ​​concern for many companies, including the information security company Infogard.

Business information security services – the most important services available

When you lay the foundations for the establishment of your new business, or for the process of developing a new product in the high-tech world, there are all kinds of areas of practice in which you want to specialize. Although it is very easy to find solutions in areas where you are strong at the professional level, when it comes to creating an information security system for businesses, it is better to leave the ball in the field of professional experts in this field. You may very well want to get external information security services, already in the early stages of starting a business, just to avoid a situation where you leave your professional secrets and achievements exposed to all.

Therefore, the hottest professional recommendation in the world of information security for businesses, is to receive personal guidance from experts in the field – even before you start recruiting employees and put the business in high gear. The more powerful and advanced business information security system you have, already in the early stages of the business, you will be able to prevent a situation of information leakage, intrusion into the organization’s computers and even scheduled phishing operations by hostile parties. And this will already be a professional success on a completely different level, which will keep your business functioning, over a particularly long period of time.

A decision that will change the nature of the activity in the company completely

When you define business information security services as the beating heart of your home business, you choose to work responsibly and maintain your privacy. This is the right decision, even though it requires you to invest a lot of effort in the beginning. Therefore, for any question or problem you can turn to the help of the professional staff of the company Infogard, and we will be happy to help you establish the information security in the organization.

Network security

As much as you are private individuals, the internet is a hacked and quite open factor that can endanger you in a pretty minimal way (if you behave right of course). But the moment you become part of a large organization, all the more so the moment you start managing a team within a large organization, your thinking begins to change and you realize that meticulous security work is needed to enable a safe and malware-free environment. The network security process is an essential process that is carried out in almost every business in Israel, and in the end the goal is to create a secure internal network for the organization, with a minimum of unnecessary risks of information theft. The process of characterizing the network security can be carried out with the help of the professional staff of Infogard, a security company that specializes in providing services to companies and organizations in Israel.

Information network security services – for large organizations and professional companies

The more you work within a larger organization, the more computers you need to protect and the more information you need to maintain in the most professional way possible. Therefore, information network security services are necessary services on a daily basis for the operation of the business house at all levels. This is a particularly long series of operations, optimization of various security methods and proactive intrusion within the business’s information systems. In the end, you will succeed in making your information protection system one of the most powerful systems operating in the field.

Your ambition is first and foremost to establish your protection capabilities, so you are required to resort to the network security process in the early stages of setting up your home business. Proper implementation of network security habits will stop in the first months of activity, allows you to create special information security habits for your organization, and ensure that all employees follow these rules to help in the joint effort. Of course over time you will need to make an adjustment of the network security technique, given the fact that your company has grown and you are using the most information in front of more factors. But at this point it is already a relatively simple operation that can be performed with the help of your information security company.

Securing wireless networks enables secret and personal communication between all the different teams

In order to maintain an open system of communication within your company, and to manage all the information you hold on the best side, you must carry out regular network security processes. With the help of our company team, the Hub Security team, you can ensure that you maintain your company’s internet and the most important information for day-to-day management.

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