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Checking a house – what are you checking?

If you are about to purchase a property, get a property that you purchased from a contractor or want to evaluate a property that you have, a home inspection is the most important and effective inspection you can perform. A home inspection allows you to be sure that the property in question meets all the […]

All the reasons to purchase investment land in Rishon Lezion

You may have heard about investing in a land reserve in 2020, here is everything that is important to know before you start! Exclusive coverage of the company with one of the land reserves that yields a high return on investment by 2020. Richard Touil RealEstate Entrepreneurship Israel Group specializes in selling investment land for […]

The best land for investment was found in 2020!

According to analysts’ forecasts: The most profitable investment channel in Israel in 2020 is Rishon LeZion’s last land reserves. Land reserves bring the good news for 2020 as yielding high investment returns. One of the growing investment trends among Israeli investors in the last five years is in land reserves and less in “off-the-shelf” real […]

Thus the corona crisis reinforced the need and search for passive income worldwide

In 2006 I owned a very successful company for creating ringtones for cell phones. When you read this, you probably can not imagine that before the smartphone revolution we would download different ringtones to the mobile every time again and pay money for them. The business was very successful and flourished, until two years later […]